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Safety is our


Pennsylvania Aquatic & Safety Solutions, Inc. (Pass Pools) was established to better serve the Aquatics Industry through the sharing of advanced education and science. with over 10 years experience, we provide expert services such as Aquatic Facility Management, Project Management, Lifeguard Training, Residential and Commercial Pool Inspections and Pool Audits.

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Pennsylvania Aquatic & Safety Solutions, Inc. (Pass Pools) is based just outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Founded in 2010, Pass Pools has been dedicated to building a staff made up of highly trained individuals whose number one priority is safety. Our staff is committed to the continuous education covering the latest and most advanced safety code, regulations, techniques and products in the Aquatics Industry. Our extensive knowledge and certifications have allowed us to work as experts in the Aquatics Industry for over 10 years, specializing in Pool Inspections, Pool Audits, and Aquatic Facility and Project Management.


we are...



At Pass Pools, we are set apart by our extensive experience, certifications and the dedication of our staff. Our staff have been instructors for the American Heart Association and American Red Cross since 1998. Our staff has been certified in lifeguarding since 1995, and has worked for the Department of Defense, understanding the concept of Standard Operating Procedures, with a commitment to safety and discipline. Pass pools is a proud member of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association, the Penn-Jersey Pool & Spa Association, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. Many of our staff hold Hot Tub Technician, Pool & Spa Operator, and Emergency Response Healthcare certifications with extensive knowledge of CPR and First Aid. At Pass Pools, we routinely stay up to date with the latest industry codes, standards and practices. Pass Pools staff have attended continued education at the Northeast Pool & Spa Convention, the Southwest Pool & Spa Convention and the International Pool & Spa Convention annually since 2010.


we can help you...

  • Aquatic Facility Management                                                                                                                                We provide Comprehensive Project Management for your aquatic facility which may include, but is not limited to the following: Managing the purchase and/or building of the facility, hiring and training of lifeguards, in-service staff training, badge-check, pool opening/closing, pool maintenance, swim lessons and pool parties.

  • Pool Inspections                                                                                                                                                       Our commercial or residential Pool Inspections will provide you with a thorough walkthrough and report, detailing the findings.

  • Pool Audits                                                                                                                                                                  We provide commercial pool, maintenance and aquatic facility safety audits.

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