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About Us

Pennsylvania Aquatic & Safety Solutions, Inc. (Pass Pools) is based just outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Founded in 2010, Pass Pools has been dedicated to building a staff of highly trained individuals whose number one priority is safety. Our staff is committed to being knowledgeable of the latest and most advanced safety code, regulations, techniques and products in the Aquatics Industry. Our extensive understanding and certifications have allowed us to work as experts in the Aquatics Industry for over 10 years, specializing in Pool Inspections, Pool Audits, Aquatic Facility and Project Management, Expert Witness Investigation and Hot Tub Maintenance. 


certifications & continuing education

Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification 2015-2020 - National Swimming Pool Foundation

Certified Operator of Aquatic Facilities - National Swimming Pool Foundation 

CHTT Certified Hot Tub Technician - Pool & Hot Tub Alliance 2015-2020

Certificate of Membership: Association of Pool & Spa Professionals 2017-2020

Certificate of Membership: Northeast Spa & Pool Association

Recreational Water Illnesses

Aquatic Risk Management

Emergency Preparedness

Pool Stabilization and Leveling: Geo-polymer Solutions

Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer

Achieving Extraordinary Customer Relations

Service Quality Caller Training

Doughboy University Installation Training 2017

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course for EMS - The Office of the State Fire Commissioner and the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy

AT Awareness Training