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Pool Inspections

Pass Pools is your first choice for an honest and professional pool inspection, whether for your residential property or commercial aquatic facility. Our inspections are conducted by Certified Pool & Spa operators with over 10 years experience in pool and spa inspection, as well as construction and repair. The inspection report will include a comprehensive review of our findings, and recommendations for remedies. We are an owner, purchaser or buyer's best choice for a non-biased inspection of your pool, spa or aquatic facility.

Aerial View of a Swimming Pool


Aquatic Facility Audits

We provide comprehensive audit services for your aquatic facility. This may include, but is not limited to the following: a through inspection of the entire aquatic facility, including in and around the pool area, the pump room, storage areas, spa facilities, aquatic play features, employee operations and lifeguard skills testing. Included in the audit you will receive a detailed report, reviewing the findings. Call today to find out how we can help your aquatic facility with an audit. 


Fun in the Pool
Aquatic Facility Management

Pass Pools provides full-service Aquatic Facility and Project Management Services tailored to the specific needs of your facility. We utilize our over t10 years of experience and training in the aquatic and safety industry to provide quality service. 

- Facility Management

- Aquatic Facility Audits

- Risk Management

- Hiring/Training of Lifeguards

- SOP Review and/or Development

- Daily On-Site Visit by Supervisor

- In-Service Staff Training

- Pool Opening/Closing

- Providing of Emergency Equipment

- Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

- Aquatic Programs for Pool Members


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